General rules

    General rules

    These are severely prohibited here :

    1) To open second account with the same İP (or İD address).

    2) To demonstrate irritative behaviors, abusing language and humiliating words.

    3) To propogate violence, terror, narchotic items, immorality.

    4) To provocate against governments, in addition national, religious, racial, political and all kind of discriminations like these.

    5) To advertise fake products or services (like ponzi, scam, hyipe coins, investments, networks and etc.), pyramids which are commercial or releated to products.

    6) Via this system to spread fake news, make fraud, commiting money laundering and tax evasions.

    7) To behave against members and company outside of rules.

    8) İt is customer's responsibility to pay tax according to their income.

    İt is prohibited to sell products with piratic way and to spread at other internet sites without the consent of the founder or company.

    9) When you pay to the system,keep the cheque until payment is entered to your account. The accounts will be deleted automatically by company which are not active during 90 days.

    10) İf someone does any behavior against rules, his or her account may be cancelled or closed temporarily or deleted completely. İf necessary, parts can sue for solving contraversial issues.